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Services Provided

Our practice provides traditional medical and surgical care for our patients, and we also implement non-traditional methods when it is in the best interest of our patients. You pet’s care will be the product of a joint decision between you and our veterinarians.

We emphasize preventative medicine through regular physical examinations, proper nutrition, appropriate immunizations, parasite control, and dental care. Our practice sees dogs and cats.

Complete physical exams are recommended once or twice a year. Since our patients can’t talk, this is an opportunity to detect problems early. It also allows us to review patient history, and make sure preventative care is up to date.

Puppies and kittens should be seen as early as possible. Proper vaccine boosters and parasite control are very important, especially during the first four months. Please call to schedule examinations for new family members as soon as possible, and bring any records you may have.

Immunization requirements vary with each patient. Not all individuals need every vaccination. Rabies vaccine is required by ordinance, the need for the other vaccines is determined by lifestyle and risk of exposure. Our doctors can help you decide which vaccine your pet needs during routine exams.

Routine diagnostic testing is also tailored to individual needs. Your pet’s care should be based on a joint decision between you and our doctors. We inform, you decide.

Wellness Visits: The fee for a wellness examination is $62.00. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis and vaccines are administered based on previous history, risk of exposure and lifestyle. Here is a list of the most common canine and feline vaccines:

  • Rabies, Canine 1-year $19.00 (Manatee Co. license fee of $20.00 will also apply.)
  • Rabies, Canine 3-year $28.00 (Manatee Co. license fee of $20.00 will also apply.)
  • Rabies, Feline 1-year $29.00 (Manatee Co. license fee of $20.00 will also apply.)
  • Rabies, Feline 3-year $67.00 (Manatee Co. license fee of $20.00 will also apply.)
  • All license fees are also subject to $3.00 administration fee.
  • DA2PP, Canine 3-year $22.00
  • Leptospirosis, Canine $25.00
  • Bordetella, Intra-nasal $25.00
  • Bordetella, Injectable $25.00
  • Lyme Vaccine $34.00
  • Canine Influenza: H3N2: $32.00; Bivalent (H3N2 and H3N8): $46.00
  • FVRCP, Feline $23.00
  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine $41.00

Surgical Services

We have a fully equipped O.R. offering traditional and Laser surgery. Procedures range from simple skin tumor excisions to cystotomies and gastrotomies. We even do some cosmetic procedures such as entropion repair and stenotic nares when it affects the health of the patient. Some more complicated procedures are referred to specialists.

Our CO2 Surgical Laser has allowed us to make great improvements in some surgical cases. Bleeding is drastically reduced, and there is much less post op swelling and pain. We will not provide feline declaws without using the Laser, and it is very useful in resecting tumors, elongated soft palates and correcting stenotic nares. It can also be used to ablate small skin masses, sometimes with just a local anesthetic.


Our dental care capabilities have been greatly expanded. Digital dental x-rays have revealed problems below the gum-line of which we were previously unaware. New techniques and instrumentation have made extractions less difficult. Regular dental care at home can help reduce the frequency of teeth cleaning, but most pets need to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Don’t be misled, effective dental prophylaxis cannot be accomplished without anesthesia in our pets.


We utilize a wide variety of extremely safe sedatives and anesthetic agents.  Every sedated or anesthetized patient is constantly monitored by one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians via modern electronic devices which measure heart function and respiration, blood pressure, EKG and oxygen levels.  A technician is with each patient throughout the entire procedure, from induction to recovery.


We have extensive in-house laboratory equipment, and we also utilize an outside lab. Our in-house reports give us valid information very quickly.  Our outside lab picks up samples twice daily and sends results rapidly by fax or email.  The outside lab can also provide specialty testing for specific diseases, and has the capability to confirm unusual results seen on our in-house results.


Our digital equipment is state of the art, no more chemicals or films, and the images are available in seconds. Our primary unit and our dental unit have made radiography faster and provide much better images than we had in the past.


We do have an ultrasound machine, it is especially useful in detecting urinary tract disorders, lesions within the liver and spleen, and, best of all puppies and kittens in the uterus.


Although we monitor ECG on our anesthetized patients, our diagnostic ECG’s are sent transtelephonically to a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.  It helps provide evaluation and treatment recommendations from a specialist.

Consultation and Referral Services

We are fortunate to have many board certified veterinary specialists in the Tampa Bay area. When we have cases beyond our capabilities, we will offer referral to a specialist.

Allergy Testing

Many of our patients suffer from signs of allergies. Rather than just trying to suppress the signs, we recommend testing to identify the problem allergens, so they can be dealt with directly. We can submit blood to a special lab for testing or we can refer your pet to an area dermatologist for skin patch testing.


We maintain an inventory of prescription diets and high-quality maintenance diets. We strive to offer them at competitive prices.

Emergency Services

During regular office hours, we provide emergency care. After hours, our facility is occupied by an emergency services practice—-Bradenton Veterinary Emergency 941-748-0202.

Other local emergency afterhours facilities are Animal ER (open limited hours)  941-355-2884, Veterinary Medical Center at Lakewood Ranch (open 24/7) 941-739-1818 and there are 2 urgent veterinarian clinics, Companion Animal & Urgent Care (open limited hours) 941-896-9420 and Urgent Vet (open limited hours) 941-277-9700.

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