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We would like to let our clients that are currently feeding any of the Royal Canin® prescription diets that there is a significant global supply shortage of this brand.

Please read the statement from Royal Canin®, “Royal Canin® has experienced incredible growth in demand for our products at a time when a broader global crisis is putting additional strain on all of us. Despite our best efforts to supply enough of our diets to meet the increased demand, we recognize that we are not meeting your expectations, nor ours. Our entire team is committed to getting your cats and dogs the tailored nutrition they deserve. In the meantime, we will be prioritizing the diets we believe are most critical to the health and wellbeing of pets for the time being. Because of that, you may experience difficulty purchasing certain products in the coming months.”

At our food “Annex” we carry alternative diets that are comparable made by Purina and Hills, in the case that you cannot find the Royal Canin® diet your pet was originally prescribed. Please visit the Therapeutic-Comparison-Chart to find a comparable diet. Be aware that the diets are comparable in the manner that they treat the medical issue, however ingredients and calorie content may be different, so please take that into account when giving the food to your pet. If you are transitioning from one diet to the next, we encourage you to slowly transition the food over a 5-7 day period to lessen the risk of GI upset.

We carry Science Diet, Hills, Purina, and when available Royal Canin® on our online pharmacy and the foods can be shipped directly to your door. If you would like to order please visit our online store, click here.

We share in your frustration with this inconvenience, we will keep you posted as we know more and hope that Royal Canin® will be readily available again very soon.

Letter from Dr. James Kanzler:

After 40 years of enjoying practice, I plan to suspend regularly scheduled appointments. In part, this is to make room for our new, young practitioners, but also to allow me more time to travel while I am still able to enjoy it.

I will continue to help with administrative duties, and I will sometimes be available to help when we are overwhelmed with urgent cases. I could also occasionally substitute for other doctors when they need time off.

Naturally, I am very happy that my son, Dr. Alex Kanzler, will continue the mission of our practice. He has become an accomplished practitioner, and I am sure he is up to the challenge of running a small business as well. His wife, Dr. Ashley Kanzler, will continue to operate Bradenton Veterinary Emergency out of our facility. They are already in the process of planning a new, bigger and better hospital in the near future.

This is a bittersweet moment in life for me. I have great respect for the veterinary profession, and it is difficult for me to leave.

When I was finishing high school (Palmetto High, Class of 1966), my father told me I would need to work the rest of my life, and I should find a job I could enjoy. That was good advice, and it compelled me to pursue veterinary medicine after I fulfilled my military obligation. I am just lucky it all worked out.

I am proud of the practice I started in 1980, and I am forever grateful to the wonderful clients who supported me and entrusted me with the care of their pets. Getting to know them was a great pleasure.

I am also grateful to my co-workers, who work so hard. Our standard of care for our patients has improved incredibly since 1980. This is due to modern pharmaceuticals, better equipment, and innovative procedures, but none of it can be properly utilized without a well-trained, caring, and compassionate staff.

So—we will see how this goes. Our staff (and my wife) are suspicious that I will not be gone for long. They seem to think I cannot stay away. Time will tell, but time is running out.

Stay tuned!


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