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To save time when bringing your pet into our office, scroll down to “Downloadable Files”, and simply open the file for the appropriate form, print it out, and fill in the details needed. If you have more information you would like to pass on to the doctor, you can always turn the page over and let us know that specific information.

When to use what forms: (Please note only established clients have the option to drop off, after an initial exam is performed new clients can drop off their pets for treatments)

Initial Visit Form: Use this form if this will be your first time coming to our practice.

Illness Admission Form: Use this form when your pet is coming in because of an illness or injury, or scheduled for radiographs, lab-work or any other diagnostic testing due to an illness or injury.

Canine Annual Visit Admission Form: Use this form when your dog is scheduled to drop off for an annual physical examination and vaccines.

Feline Annual Visit Admission Form: Use this form when your cat is scheduled to drop off for an annual physical examination and vaccines.

Express Care Vaccination Program Form: Use this form if your pet is already an established patient and up to date on its annual exam, or if you just don’t have the time or funds for an annual exam right now.  Just complete this form and our staff will accommodate you as quickly as possible. Please be aware that some medication cannot be dispensed without a current annual exam.

Surgery Admission Form: Use this form if your pet is having a surgical procedure.

Dental Prophy Admission Form: Use this form when your pet is scheduled for a dental cleaning or a dental procedure.

Absent Client Form: Use this form if you will be going out of town and leaving your pet with a boarding facility, pet sitter, or friend. This is the best way to convey to us your wishes for your pet’s care while you are away.

Employment Application: If you are interested in employment opportunities, please fill out the employment application and submit it to DeSoto Animal Clinic, in person, by mail, fax or email.

Downloadable Files

Initial Visit Information Form

Illness Admission Form

Canine Annual Visit Admission Form

Feline Annual Visit Admission Form

Express Vaccination Form Blank

Surgery Admission Form

Dental Prophy Admission Form

Absent Client Treatment Consent Form

Employment Application

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